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5 Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Amazing Coffee Beans For Cold Brew That Will Blow Your Mind. A cold brew is something that you can fall back on, on a rushed morning. This will help you achieve all your targets while still keeping things tasty.

If you like your coffee cold, you must read this guide to beans for the cold brew!

If you like your coffee steaming hot, you’d probably think it’s nuts that some people you know prefer iced coffee or cold brew coffee. You could understand having one on a hot summer day but in mild weather…ugh! Nevertheless – summer is already upon us, therefore this guide to coffee beans for cold brew will come in handy, read on!

Many people around the world say it is a lot better than your regular coffee. And they have a point. By its nature, cold brew coffee tastes better since it is less bitter – the coffee is extracted from the beans using cold water. To do it you have to soak the beans in cold water at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Some people recommend up to 24 hours if you want it strong. The water-soluble coffee that seeps into the water is then used to make the coffee. Just dilute it with water until you get your desired cup or mug.

Why does it taste better? Coffee extracted with hot water tends to be more bitter because the hot water extracts a more concentrated form of coffee from the beans. So, that makes this coffee less bitter and invariably better-tasting. It also contains less acid than your average hot coffee.

If you are an ardent fan of hot coffee, you would probably consider people who prefer cold coffee as odd jobs. However, if you are a fan of lightly brewed coffee, a recipe for an excellent cold coffee brew will surely pique your interests. This article focuses on the coffee beans to craft a perfect cold coffee brew in the comfort of your home.

If I have picked your interest here, then there are certain factors you need to consider before jumping on this coffee wagon. And if you need a guide on how to brew cold coffee at home here is a couple of recipes for the easy immersion method for making a cold brew coffee.!

What Are The 2 Brewing Methods Of Making Cold Brew Coffee?

There are two methods of making cold brew coffee: slow drip and immersion.

Immersion method is used when you want a full-flavored brew. The process is simple. The ground beans are immersed in cold water for at least 12 hours and then filtered out to get the brew.

In the slow drip method, iced water is allowed to drip on the grounds slowly. The brew is collected in a container or carafe. This method is faster. You should get enough coffee in 6 hours. But the slow drip method requires specialized equipment that you or most people don’t need or can’t afford to brew coffee at home.

The coffee grind

For the immersion method, coarse or fine coffee grind would do okay. But if you don’t like bitter-tasting coffee, your bet is to stick to coarse grinds. A few words on grinders that you might find interesting in this grinders article!

It is also as important to know how to take care of your grinder. If you know the saying “happy wife happy life”, then you will also understand why it is essential to keep your grinder in check – not only to provide a clean, throughout grind but also to keep dirt away and not to mix with other beans you might have used before.

However, if you are not a fan of taking the time to grind the beans yourself, although that is highly advised to ensure the taste for your coffee, you can also choose a coffee maker that has a grinder in it already. If you are interested, you can check these coffee makers with built-in grinders.

And, if you are used to everyones favorite French press brewing method, then these  grinders for a french press guide ought to help you out! Enjoy!

Blend or Non-blended

If you want the full experience of cold brew, it is advisable to go with non-blended or single-origin coffee beans.

5 Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

1. [TAG11]

best coffee roast for cold brew

The Bizzy Cold Brew is an Arabica beans coarse ground coffee made by blending coffee from Peru and Nicaragua. This organic coffee comes in a light, medium and dark roast to give users a variety.

Whatever roast you choose, Bizzy is made to produce a smooth and sweet brew.

This is the sort of coffee you ought to try if you are just starting out. It is 100% organic, and though sourced from two countries, it is still pure Arabica beans.

It is smooth, not too bitter and it is available in all the roast types. What else can you ask from a cold brew especially when it easy to extract the coffee from the beans.

However, veteran coffee drinkers might find the brew not strong enough. Another issue might be the fact that you need to use a lot of grounds to make enough coffee.

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2. [TAG13]

best cheap coffee for cold brew

Blended in New York City, Cold Brew Lab is a pure Arabica Colombian Supremo coffee beans. The USDA-certified product is specially customized for cold brew coffee that is 100% organic and devoid of chemicals.

It is a blend of dark and coarse roasted coffee uniquely manufactured to create an unusual roast level that is excellent for a cold-brewed cup of coffee. The result on the palate is a smooth, full-flavored, balanced brew that ticks all the right boxes.

These cold brew coffee beans are available in freshly ground extra-coarse grinds. This makes it ideal for both slow drip and immersion brewing. Also, the grind size means you get to extract the full coffee flavors without sediments dropping into the water.

This might be your cup-a-coffee if strong coffee is your preference. On the downside – the Cold Brew Lab is not available in either light, medium or dark roast. It is just a blend of medium and dark roast.

Still, it is an excellent product if you desire something that is easy to make, not too bitter, and smooth, and comes at a decent price.

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3. [TAG15]

cold brew coffee beans amazon

Stone Street’s coffee is another specially-made coffee out of New York City. The single-origin coffee is also a 100% Arabica Colombian Supremo beans sourced from the coffee farms and growing regions around the world.

Beans tagged Colombian Supremo are famous for being the in the world. Their reputation is enhanced by the fruity, chocolate and caramel flavors in the beans.

The coarse grind dark roast beans make for a slightly sweet, silky-smooth, full-flavored coffee available in a unique bag customized to keep the grounds fresh.

The product is available in whole bean or pre-ground form to give you two options to choose from. But, the single roast level limits you to only dark roast grind.

Also, it is not very practical for slow-drip brewing, and if you like your coffee strong, you might want to look elsewhere.

Everything considered it is worth a shot since the price is at par with Bizzy Cold Brew and better than Cold Brew Lab’s coffee.

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2 More Cold Brews You Might Also Like

Tiny Footprint Organic Cold Brew Coffee and Grady’s Cold Brew are two other products that are also excellent.

4. [TAG17]

cold brew guide

Famous Grady’s is made in New York City and pricier than the other products here. But this could be the result of the added natural spices and flavors to give a more enriching experience.

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5. [TAG19]

best type of coffee beans for cold brew

The Tiny Footprint’s offering is just as good as the rest. It is a 100% Arabica beans coffee and costs just about the same.

However, you can help the environment if you buy it as the U.S-based company is committed to reforestation by plowing back a part of their profits into planting trees in the forests of Ecuador.

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Closing Thoughts

It is not enough just to know which beans to buy, you will need a recipe to try them out, too. Here is an excellent coffee drink – a Vietnamese iced coffee brew.

The coffee you decide on ultimately depends on your preferences. Sometimes, you might have to try quite a few before settling for one. So feel free to explore the rarefied world of cold brew coffee.

Cold brews are a refreshing option that will leave you wanting for more. You can also play around with flavours and ingredients to make sure that you have a wide variety of options. It is good to have a good knowledge of the kind of beans that you can use to be sure that you get only the best coffee for yourself everyday.

And here is a nice guide on how to make cold brew coffee from home from Starbucks Coffee:

Hope you find this article useful, enjoy your coffee!

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